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Updated 13.3.19






Remembrance Day 2018


Year 6 and Foundation Stage visited the local cenotaph to mark the 100th anniversary of the ending of World War I.


Friday 26th October 2018



"Lawns Park Pupils sing their hearts out to celebrate Harvest Festival"

Our Thursday assembly this week was very special, simple and moving. Pupils gave thanks for what they have and remembered to give to those who may not have as much as they do. Our first song was a beautiful and poignant solo, as children brought their food gifts to the Harvest collection. A talented Year 3 boy came to the front and sang his poem for us all and a brave and confident Year 6 girl did a fabulous job as compare.

The assembly finished with all pupils singing a rousing rendition of "Thank You" for food, but maybe not for brussel sprouts!


“No limits, no boundaries, no excuses”.

Over the last three years Lawns Park has made some significant changes resulting in rapid improvements. The Governors of Lawns Park have a three year plan to secure further improvements for our school, for our children, for your children.


Lawns Park Summer Fair 2018 highlights:


World Book Day 2018


October 2017
Lawns Parkers go on to achieve great things.


Once again I find myself in awe of what our children can achieve. All our children were very interested to hear about a former pupil of ours, Rhiannon, who came to tell us about how she had won the Young Carers Award 2017. She received her award from Prince Harry for strength of character and her practical, level headed, caring approach when members of her family were seriously ill .

She met many celebrities and she shared this with us in a very professional presentation which she had planned herself. We were all very proud of her. As her former headteacher I felt particularly proud to call her a Lawns Parker, even now!


Sports Day 2017


July 2017

Our fantastic team of Parent Ambassadors have done us proud with a 

fun-in-the-sun Summer Fair fundraiser! Thanks to them and everyone in the 

community for supporting us!

The total money raised was a magnificent: £1791.49


6th July 2017:

***** Hot off the press! *****

Class teaching teams for next year:

Foundation 1: Mrs Webb, Mrs Croft

Foundation 2: Mrs Dean, Mrs Harrison

Year 1: Mrs Davis, Miss Harris

 Year 2: Mrs Paul, Mrs Carter, Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Welsh

 Year 3: Mr Hosany, Mr Whiteley

Year 4: Mrs Benson, Mrs Brook, Mrs Sugden, Miss Woolin

 Year 5: Miss Cook, Mrs Markham, Mrs Welsh, Mrs Waud, Miss Bickerdike

 Year 6: Mr Stone, Mrs Rowlands, Mrs Hyde

30 June 2017


Have you ever been inspired by someone?

I have been inspired by a fabulous learner in Year 6. Caitlin told me that she, in turn, has been inspired by some children that she learnt about in assembly who had decided that they wanted to help other people who did not have the opportunities they had and so they raised money through their own efforts.

Caitlin went home after that assembly and spoke to her mum about her desire to raise money for a charity, “Make A Wish”. Caitlin told me that this charity is for people who have a life-shortening illness. The charity pays for the wishes these people make. She knows someone who got to ride in a limousine, as this was something that he had always wanted to do!

Caitlin is a very proactive girl and she has been very busy making bags and cushions from pieces of fabric which she is selling to raise money. She is also being sponsored for walking up Mount Snowden, which she intends to do with her mum and aunties on Saturday 6th May.

If you feel inspired by Caitlin’s good heart and determination to do something to make a difference, then come to her stall in the conservatory after school on Friday 28th April and 5th May and buy a bag or a cushion or sponsor Caitlin’s walk.

Our Lawns Park children are amazing and I am full of admiration for Caitlin!

Ms. Ford



Are you on the Lawns Park Bus?

Did you even know there was a bus? Well here it is. Mr Stone made it for me and it has pride of place in my office. Why? Because it reminds me that all the staff, children, parents, governors and volunteers are on an amazing journey. We are all heading in the same direction, which is to be dedicated, resilient learners.

This doesn’t happen by magic, everyone on the bus has to want to be on the bus and everyone has their own special seat. Just recently, I have noticed that there are some energetic, enthusiastic people on the Lawns Park Bus who are spreading the word and encouraging people to join. These people are our caring parents and carers and our enthusiastic Parent Ambassadors and our loyal, committed volunteers. You will notice these people around school, outside in the playground, at Parents Evenings and at events, making things happen with the same destination in mind... amazing learning for all children at Lawns Park.

Having these people on board means that we now have open forums for parents to share their views and contribute even more to their children’s learning. We have a parent-friendly School Improvement Plan, so that all parents can see our direction. We have a Lawns Park Facebook Group FOR Lawns Park parents BY Lawns Park parents, so they can share tips, ideas, solve problems together. Our governors and Parent Ambassadors are even working on a special interactive Parent Ambassador website to spread the Lawns Park word even further.

We have committed volunteers who always turn up to read with our children or help with the learning in class, these friendly faces and extra pairs of hands are just what our children need. They are always in our library making sure that our children can borrow a book whenever they want and always ready to organise and take part in exciting events, like KS2 Movie Night (6pm 23.3.17) or Hunt the Egg (after school  28.3.17).

If you are heading in the same direction as us, hop aboard.  There's always room on the Lawns Park Bus!


2nd March 2017
A Magical World Book Day at Lawns Park.    

I have thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day this year at Lawns Park and I could tell by looking at the children’s faces and talking to them that they too derived a great deal of pleasure from the day.

The day started with a fabulous book characters show. Each character had their moment walking along the catwalk. I was touched by how confident our children were, many of them approached this walk in role!

All the costumes were fabulous and the judges found it very difficult to find five winners.

The children immersed themselves in books for the day, creatively using books as part of their maths, listening to stories, writing their own & writing book reviews. In the afternoon pupils chose a teacher to go & listen to, reading one of their own favourite books.

I hope that you enjoy the moments that Mrs Brook managed to capture.

Lawns Park Primary School praised by the LEA

As a school judged as good by OFSTED in December 2013, after three years, we are now due an inspection. We asked the LEA if they would conduct a Teaching and Learning Audit in one day to help us to prepare.

The feedback we received was extremely encouraging and really useful to us. The first thing they commented on, was how warm and welcoming everyone in the school was and how honest and open they are, that’s children, staff and parents. They said our children were amazing, with great learning behaviour and conduct around school. They commented on how eager our children were to learn and how readily they talked about how they learn.

We are really proud to be able to say that they judged us to be a rapidly improving school and that the teaching was good across school.

Obviously, we have areas to improve on, such as developing the teaching so that there is more outstanding teaching. Also, we need to harness the goodwill and support of the whole school community to help our children to learn the basic skills.

As a school we constantly strive to make sure that your children achieve the very best they can. This audit made it very clear to us that we are on the way to achieving this with focus and determination. The credit here is with your wonderful children and my amazing, hard working staff who constantly strive to maximise your children’s learning potential.

If you would like more information, please come in to school to talk to us or keep an eye out for the release of our “School Improvement Plan” on the parent page, which is currently being developed by myself and the Parent Ambassadors.


GOLD AWARD for Lawns Park

Lawns Park is highly commended for the quality of physical education on offer.

Lawns Park Primary School has been awarded the GOLD Sports Award. This is an outstanding achievement because we are the only one form entry school in Leeds to meet this standard.

It is recognition for our unique team spirit at Lawns Park. "Our children have a winning mentality," says Mr Hosany, our PE Leader. They have a growth mindset, so they understand the value of feedback and they always aim high. This attitude is paying off now for our school teams and we are winning more games than we lose these days.

The award also celebrates the fact that we have increased the number of competitions we enter with local schools and with schools from all over Leeds. It also shows that we offer a commendable amount of physical activities in addition to the high quality PE that we offer in school.
Well done and thank you to Mr Hosany and his PE team, to our active, healthy pupils and to our parents and carers who actively encourage our children to join in our clubs and be part of our teams


March 2017

Our parents and pupils plant bulbs together in our local community.

One of our governors, Mr Chadwick, came to me to express how impressed he was with our pupils and their enthusiastic parents. I asked him if he would write the blog this week.

"I would like to take this opportunity, along with the Residents' Association, Groundworks and the local Leeds City Council Neighbourhood Housing Team, to express my heartfelt thanks to everybody (Foundation Stage staff, parents and above all, the pupils) who helped with the bulb planting on the local community green space.

I have been asked to express their gratitude to the pupils for their enthusiasm and drive in making it such a memorable afternoon. They were true Lawns Parkers. Hopefully this will be a lasting memory for years to come when, every spring, the bulbs burst into flower.

Groundworks were so impressed with our passion to brighten up our surroundings, that they have said they will be contacting us in the new year with other projects for us to take part in.

Once again, thank you to you all!"


Image result for fuel for school
10th February 2017:

Fuel for School Update

We are now half way through the academic  year. 
Thank you to everyone who visits our market stall each week. 
We have raised over £800 in 'pay as you feel' donations. This money goes back into our school funds.

Have a Very Merry Lawns Park Christmas!


What a fabulous turn out we had for our “Food and Song” event on Wednesday! It was wonderful to see so many parents, carers, grandmas, grandads and friends turn up to support their children and the school. There was a great sense of Lawns Park community in the air.

I think the choir singing throughout the event made it very special, lifting the atmosphere and putting us all in a Christmassy mood!

The children’s stalls were inventive, creative and unique. This class-based enterprise allows our children to use some of their profits for up-coming class projects.

Lots of children visited the “No Adults Allowed” area to choose a present to be wrapped for a special someone in their life. The real Father Christmas came too!

I am so thankful to all the parents and carers who came to support us, to our amazing children and our dedicated staff team.

I am particularly grateful to our Parent Ambassadors who have spent a great deal of time, energy and oodles of enthusiasm making this event happen.

Merry Christmas to everyone in the Lawns Park family!

14th - 18th November 2016

Anti-Bullying Week!

4th November 2016


Reading in Unusual Places.

Whole school learning log.

Due: Wednesday 23rd November. 

Reading in Unusual Places Learning Log

5th October 2016

Fred the Fox visits school to tell us how we can avoid wasting food.

Let us show you the email I received from Kevin who co ordinates the School Food for Fuel Project throughout all schools in Leeds.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday. It was brilliant to visit your school and see the fantastic work you are doing. I really appreciate the hard work you and others put into the project. The group I worked with in the workshop are a credit to the school as well.

Thanks again,  Kevin Mackay”

Kevin visits a lot of schools, delivering the message about how much wastage there is, especially from large supermarkets and how we can use this in our school and in our community rather than throwing it in the bin. So this means a lot to us. 

Our children were amazing; incredibly well behaved, knowledgeable and eloquent.



9th September 2016

Welcome back to a new and exciting year, mi hearties!

It is lovely to see everybody again after the summer break. Pupils came back fresh faced, pleased to see their friends, ready and determined to learn.

We even welcomed some pirates who very kindly launched their own Pirate Café in Year 6 to raise money for their trip to Eden Camp later this term. They costed the ingredients, made the tasty buns, biscuits, drinks and fruit salad delights themselves, then charmed customers to purchase their produce and waited on them hand and foot. A very enterprising group of young people….sorry, I mean pirates! They are well read too, they have been reading the classic text, “Treasure Island”.

A lively and promising start to a brand new learning adventure!



27th July 2016

A wonderful, well rounded, caring group of Year 6 fly the Lawns Park nest.

Piece of cake!

Just after the Sports Day last week a parent came up to me and exclaimed, “I love these children!” I couldn’t agree more, there is something special and unique about our children. They are fabulous learners who are excited to learn. I have seen all the reports for all our children and they all talk about the qualities each individual brings to our school. They are all part of the Lawns Park family.

In contrast to this you may have seen in the media that nearly half of the children in this country’s primary schools have not managed to pass the tests in reading, writing and maths. You will also know that this is because the tests are harder this year to reflect the more challenging, new curriculum. Unfortunately, this includes some of the pupils at Lawns Park which means that the schools results are lower than what we would expect.

This year’s Y6 and Y2 learners put everything they had into these new tests and we at Lawns Park are immensely proud of them.

As a reflective school we are already working to address the key issues that the new tests have presented us with. We continue to work on strengthening knowledge, understanding & skills so that all our pupils can be independent thinkers which means they will be able to apply what they know and understand to different situations, just like you do as adults in real life.

Primary school is a very special, formative time. At Lawns Park we strive to make the learning motivating, memorable, relevant and experiential. Above all, we want our learners to be happy, inquisitive and motivated to learn independently. Our Year 6 pupils leave us as multi-talented, well-rounded little humans. They show resilience and work together. One day, they are going to be successful, caring and active adult citizens who we will be able to rely upon to make excellent decisions.

Ms. Ford


Did you visit the Summer Fair?
There were treats, stalls, donkeys, flowers, fun and games for all the family.
Thank you to the Lawns Park team, volunteers, generous donators and especially to our Parent Ambassadors who did a magnificent job - as you can see from the video below...



Compliments to Lawns Park

Last week, I received a phone call from a retired head teacher from Bradford. This was completely out of the blue! She rang to compliment our school.

She had been visiting Salts Mill with a friend and had been extremely impressed with how polite and well behaved our children were. She saw that they were engaged in their learning, listened and related well to one another. This learning behaviour, she added, compared very favourably with other school groups who were visiting the mill on the same day.

I was absolutely thrilled and extremely proud of the Year 3 pupils. This is just one of many occasions when members of the public or staff from other schools have complimented our impeccable behaviour.

Ms. Ford

Well done, Lawns Parkers!

22nd July 2016:

Fuel for School Update.
Thank you to everyone who supports our market stall regularly - we have raised over £400 for school funds since the launch in May. 
 We look forward to seeing you all!

7th July 2016:

***** Hot off the press! *****

Class teaching teams for next year:

F1 – Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Croft, Miss. Bickerdike.

F2 – Mrs. Dean, Mrs. Harrison, Miss. Woollin.

Y1 – Mrs. Paul, Miss. Pashley, Miss. Harris.

Y2 – Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Thornton.

Y3 – Mr. Hosany, Mr. Whiteley, Mrs. Brook, Mrs. Welsh, Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Cunnane.

Y4 – Mr. Stone, Mrs. Aggarwal, Mrs. Rowlands, Mrs. Sugden, Mrs. Cunnane, Mrs. Brook, Miss Woollin.

Y5 – Mr. Wells, Mrs. Markham, Miss. Bickerdike.

Y6 – Miss. Cook, Mrs. Webster, Mrs. Hyde, Mrs. Waud.

14th June 2016:

The School Savings Club opened today!

The Savings Club will run every Tuesday morning between 9 am and 9.30 am. 

The club will be implemented by a team of Parent Ambassadors and managed by Miss Pashley.

Opening your child/children a First Savers Account is a fantastic way to help them to learn how to save and will teach them a skill they can use in the future. Research shows that children who utilise a savings scheme within a school, watching their savings grow, continue to save throughout their adult lives. To learn more, read the documents below.

                                                                                        13th June 2016:

       Year 6 have spent the whole week learning how to be safer cyclists with the help 
 of the Bikeability team.

My Year 6 pupils have been appearing in school splattered in mud with rosy cheeks and bright, alert eyes. Why? They have been outside in the locality learning to ride a bike safely. They tell me they love it and can reel off all the new skills they have learnt.

Is this learning?

This is what real life learning is about. It has real purpose for our children and quite literally their lives could depend on it. It is practical, enjoyable and necessitates the ability to solve real problems and persevere when you feel exasperated.

Our children are outside in the fresh air, being active, experiencing what a healthy lifestyle feels like. They are collaborating, negotiating, supporting and challenging one another. This is what learning for life looks like.

These pupils are our citizens of the future!

Ms Ford

10th June 2016:

Edible Lawns Park Owl.

This is typical of our talented catering team, they always try to put our children at the centre of what they do in the kitchens. They work tirelessly with our School Food Ambassadors, listening to all their feedback to improve our school meals.

We have recently moved to a two choice menu to enhance our successful “Family Service”. The School Food Ambassadors are now considering whether they would like to move to a three choice menu, what do you think?

25th May 2016: 

 Foundation Stage performance of The Three Billy Goats Gruff 
"Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?"

What a fantastic rendition of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” by the Foundation Stage pupils! Did you know that the children decided how they were going to perform their play and what props they would need?

They were so confident, expressive and they knew the story inside out and clearly enjoyed performing to their parents and carers and the whole school.

I have also had some incredibly insightful and mature conversations with an engaging bunch of Y5 and Y6 pupils this week. I wanted to find out what they thought a good learner was and if their success criteria and learning intentions were helpful to moving their learning on. I was blown away by just how much they understood about the learning process. They told me that good learners listened, collaborated with other people, used things around them to help them and that it was OK to struggle with learning because working through mistakes helps you to learn. They said it was important to persevere and to keep checking your learning. They said the learning belongs to them and the teachers help them to improve.

Ms. Ford
Pupils enjoying a spring walk
18th May 2016:

As part of Walk to School Week, we all took part in a mile walk. 

Despite the rain, our spirits were not dampened as we took a scenic spring walk through the local woods.
The whole school delighted at the beautiful blossom trees, the bluebells and the many signs of spring. Every pupil in the school walked two miles today, hand-in-hand in our beautiful, local environment. It is happy events like this which make my job as a head teacher such a privilege and a delight.
Ms. Ford

Summer 1 2016:

Spring 2016:

Our library on-line service is up and running.
Log in to see what books are in our library or write a review.

Aspirations Week 2016
Spring 2016:

Spring 1, Week 4 was Aspirations Week where pupils were given the chance to talk to teachers about their aspirations when they grow up. Many classes had visits from people from the world of work, who gave them insights into what their job involves. Thank you to all our visitors, you really inspired us to think about our aspirations for the future!

Sainsbury's Silver School Games Award
October 2015:

 Congratulations to all of our active Lawns Parkers on winning the Sainsbury's silver school games award.


11th November 2015:

Lawns Park World War I Memorial Book and Exhibition.

On Wednesday 11.11.15 Lawns Park, along with members of the local community and the City Council, commemorated Armistice Day. Sharon Knott from the Farnley Local Action Group spoke in our assembly about the book she and her team had researched and written to bring to life the names on Farnley's local War Memorial. The 66 names were read out by the children and the book, with images drawn by our pupils, was displayed in the school's library for visitors to read. Pupils also created a poppy trail from home-made poppies, which were laid alongside a beautiful memorial cross and other Great War artefacts.

The pupils took part in a respectful two-minute's silence, which was filmed by Calendar news.

Lawns Park on Made in Leeds TV
Matt Millington, a journalist from Made in Leeds TV, also filmed the Armistice Memorial assembly, interviewed pupils and everyone involved and visited the renovated
War Memorial in Farnley.

.Here is the link to watch the episode on their Catchup Channel!
Click on 'On the Aire 9pm - 11.11.2015 Part 1'.

Click here to find out more about the work of the School Council, Sharon Knott and the Farnley Local Action Group.


Autumn 2015:

Harvest Celebrations

A Very Generous Harvest!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Harvest Assembly at the Farnley Academy. We are very grateful for the generous gifts given by so many people. The fresh produce is to be used by our local Neighbourhood Action Lunch Club and the Foodbank Network has now collected the remaining tins and packets. THANK YOU!


15th DECEMBER 2015:
 Here we are in our Nativity play.


 It was great to meet Miss Butler, our South African visitor. We all shared a lot of ideas for conserving the environment and recycling during her visit. 

We look forward to hearing about how her own school will find ways to recycle and do their bit to save the planet.

September 2015:

THANK YOU for all the support and patience you have shown in the development of our new school library. A special BIG THANK YOU goes to our volunteer helpers for keeping everything running so smoothly! The pupils are really enjoying the range of high quality books on offer. Visiting the library is the highlight of their week!

Remember, as well as accessing the library once per week in school time, you can accompany your child to choose a book after school too.

Summer 2015:

Have you visited our new school council page? Click here to find out what the school council is working on.

Summer 2015:

After reading so many wonderful books, it was time for our pupils to find out which author would win the Leeds Book Awards trophy. Watch the video here.