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At Lawns Park, we celebrate the long-standing British values of democracy and the right to express your opinion.
All of our pupils have a voice and actively participate in our class and school councils.
Read below to find out what we have been working on recently.

Updated 19.10.18

2018 - 2019

Chairman - Lex

Vice chairman - Lola

Secretary - Eva


Photography and Media - Charlie and Max

Eco Warriors - Shea and  Alfie

True Lawns Parker inspectors (Super Troopers) - Beth and  Connie

Book Worms - Tyler and Chelsea


Minutes 12th October 2018

Minutes 5th October 2018

Minutes 28th September 2018

Minutes 21st September 2018

Minutes 14th September 2018


Chairman: Harry

Vice chairman: Jake

Secretaries: Neophy and Macey

Treasurer: Adam

Photography and Media – Grace and Connor

Eco Warriors: Edward, Miller and Eva

True Lawns Parker inspectors: Pat and Lily


Autumn 2: Friday 3rd November 2017

School Councillors discussed whether it would be plausible to have lockers installed in our cloakrooms. Their concerns were that children may lose the keys to their locker; there is already limited space; some children wouldn't be able to reach the top lockers and the cost is high at £3000. School council decided against having lockers.

How can we select our cloakroom buddies and what is their role?  

School Councillors created a job list for prospective buddies. Buddies will have weekly meetings with Mrs Williams to see how things are going. Buddies will now have to fill in application forms as part of the selection process and will then sit an interview. They will sign the rules/jobs list to show they understand what is expected of the role.

What kind of books would you like in our library?

School Councillors brainstormed ideas for books and will take this back to class.


Autumn 1: Friday 5th October 2017

School Councillors have decided to take ownership of Friday's rewards assembly. They will collect their certificate from the class teacher in an envelope to take into assembly. Harry and Jake will lead the assembly, asking each Councillor to come to the front to award their certificate.

Councillors to take a class vote for movie night DVD selection.


Autumn 1: Thursday 21st September 2017

School Councillors reported back on what their class would like to change in school. A vote was taken and it was decided that improving the school playground was a priority.


Autumn 1: Friday 15th September 2017

School Councillor roles were introduced and undertaken. Meetings will be on a Friday unless Ms. Ford have other engagements. School Councillors will be introduced to the school during Monday's assembly and School Council display board will be updated.

School Council mission is to find out what your classes would like changed in school.




Summer 2 Meeting Tuesday 20th June

We went over what we had already achieved as a school council and then we started talking about "GROWTH MINDSET". We gave every class a challenge. We gave them a word that is linked to "GROWTH MINDSET". With that, each class needs to invent an owl super hero and a badge design.

Spring 2 Meeting 4 Thursday 22nd February 2017

School Councillors looked back at the Quiet Area Action Plan and decided who would do what. Some children were in charge of letters to parents and carers, planning and doing the assembly or preparing posters. School Councillors decided exactly what needed to be in the letters and posters and what the assembly should be about. They decided they would like to talk about improving lunchtimes at the next meeting.

Spring 1: Meeting 3 Thursday 2nd February 2017

School Council members looked at the cost of wooden benches with seating. They agreed on heavy duty seating option which cost more than £1000 donation from Parent Ambassadors. They decided to run a non uniform day with £1 donation for the “Quiet Area” to raise more funds. Miss Ford asked School Council members to go back to class and thank all pupils for their Lawns Park team effort on Wednesday 1.2.17 when our LEA visitors came for the day.

Spring 1: Meeting 2 Thursday 19th January 2017

Discussed what equipment they wanted on the new wooden playground. They invited the old School Councillors and Mr Harrison, the Superintendent to help with this. Agreed to have; a drawing section, sections for reading and chatting on wooden tables and benches, logs around the edge, face up and a water proof sail over the top.Parent Ambassadors have given the School Council £1000. They discussed ideas for raising more money to buy ready made seats & tables instead of Mr Harrison making them which would take a long time.

Spring 1: Meeting 1 Friday 6th January 2017

School Council pleased with success of Super Troopers so far. Discussed how to make sure all Super Troopers are prepared.Super Troopers to look out for Y6 singing the correct words in Singing Assembly. Planned for School Council Photographers to come to assembly on Monday and take photographs of pupils sitting properly and wearing correct uniform. Photographs will go up at the front of the hall. Miss Ford agreed to bring Super Trooper Awards to assembly on Monday. They decided School Council should meet Thursdays instead so that all members can come.

School council decided on the main things they wanted to improve in school:

Improve lunchtimes.

Improve assembly behaviour.

Improve Adventure Playground.

Make sure that we are all have pride in our uniform

Make sure every child has a “growth mindset”

Chair said that School Councillor badges should be worn at all times. Miss Ford agreed to find badges for Councillors who didn’t have one. Vice chair, Paul, agreed to find the Eco Warrior checklist so that we can start this again in assembly.

Autumn 2: Meeting 3 Monday 31st October 216

Roles were finalised and School Council Badges were given out. Children are to wear at all times. 

Discussed the Steps to Success criteria for the Super Trooper Award and when it will be judged and announced. 

Photography & Media representatives are to take a photograph of a WAGOLL class lining up ready for assembly.

Further meeting needed to clarify timings and criteria before being proposed to Ms Ford. 

Super Trooper Officers to speak to Mr Stone regarding a new certificate.

Attendance Officers are to speak to Mrs Stewart about collecting attendance figures on a weekly basis and how we can report class figures effectively each week. 

Autumn 1 Meeting 2: Monday 10th October 2016

Discussed roles available in School Council and children expressed their preferences and why they felt they would be good for the job.

Photographs were taken for the new School Council display board.

School Council Rules were discussed and finalised and Megan and Lily volunteered to type them up and create a poster. 

Discussed and decided on a name for a new school award based on behaviour in and around school as a class. This is to be called the Super Troopers!